Portland Riots

Dear Editor:

It is unsettling to watch these spoiled, rich, arrogant, ignorant brats defacing, rioting, looting and destroying property in Portland for no purpose other than to destroy. These misguided anarchists, mainly Senator Sanders supporters, should be grateful that they have opportunities here that no other country can offer them. If they don’t want to appreciate what they have, they are free to leave and they should leave, instead of terrorizing the residents of Portland. There is a long waiting list of immigrants outside this country just waiting for an opportunity to come in.

First and foremost, we are all Americans, and no one should be spitting on their own country. We should all be grateful that we live in a free country. If these hooligans lived in a poor country, like El Salvador, where there is no health care, no education, no housing, just gangs and drugs, they would have a legitimate cause to protest, but given the fruits of just being an American, these anarchists should educate themselves instead of making fools of themselves

Helen Nicpon