Multi-racial hip hop duo releases new single

“Come Thru” is a sex-infused party anthem


Multiracial hip hop outfit, TopTier, on Aug. 7 released “Come Thru”, a sex-infused party anthem. Incorporating trap hip hop styles with pop and R&B, this song is inspired by promiscuity and debauchurous fun.

Comprised of rapper IgnoVa and singer MC, TopTier is a black and white hip hop duo. “Come Thru” can be streamed on Spotify and other platforms where music is featured.

“We just want to hit audiences with pure ear candy,” singer MC said, remarking on the composition’s inspiration. “’Come Thru’ needs to be on repeat. Get litty with the track, share it heavy with your peers, don’t hesitate to create a lil’ swag too”, rapper IgnoVa continued. This release marks TopTier’s first 2020 single and the group’s expanded reach to international streaming services.

Discussing TopTier’s approach to music, IgnoVa stated, “The TT (TopTier) mentality is the only way to approach not only music, but every endeavor you face.”

In addition to performing compositions, both artists in the musical group collaborate to produce, create instrumentals, and engineer all original works. “From start to finish, we have full agency over our craft. Let the baker bake the bread,” MC remarked.

Prior to this release, TopTier garnered attention with their 2018 single, “Thousand Times”. Filmed in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the music video for “Thousand Times” received international acclaim, garnering over 80,000 YouTube views.

TopTier has performed in the TriState area at venues including Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia and New Jersey’s Stanhope House. The hip hop group has opened for acts such as one-time chart toppers Metro Station and Canadian pop sensation Saywecanfly.

Black and white duo TopTier’s star is on the rise. Embracing skillful interplay between rapping and singing, TopTier’s witty lyricisim and viral sound distinguish them from the herd. This hip hop group has just started releasing their catalogue and promise more to come. To listen to TopTier’s latest single, visit