Money for schools.  Funding for healthcare. Grants for street-paving.  Meals for seniors. These are just some of the programs that will be funded or defunded based on your response to Census 2020.

Last week, in a surprise move, President Trump made the decision to end census activities on September 30 – four weeks early.  That means we have lost a month in which to get all of the people of Bayonne counted in the census.  As of this writing, about 56 percent of Bayonne households have been counted in Census 2020.  Census workers have started going house-to-house to the 44 percent of residential addresses that did not respond yet to the census.

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If Census Bureau workers come to your home, you will recognize them by their Census 2020 badges with their ID photographs, Commerce Department watermarks, and expiration dates on the badges.  Please help them get you counted.  Due to the shortened schedule, they may not have enough time to get to every home.

It is not too late to get yourself counted in Census 2020.  You can be counted without having to wait for the census workers.  It is imperative that you get counted now.  You can be counted online by going to www.2020census.gov, then follow the directions.

If you would like to be counted by telephone, there are phone numbers for English and several other languages.  Here are census phone lines for some languages spoken in Bayonne: English, 844-330-2020; Spanish, 844-468-2020; Polish, 844-479-2020; Arabic, 844-416-2020; and Tagalog, 844-478-2020.

The Census Bureau is supposed to send paper census forms one more time to people who have not been counted yet.  If you receive a paper form, and wish to use it, please fill it out, and mail it in.

In order to help get people included in the census before the September 30 deadline, Census Bureau representatives will be going to food distributions, musical events at DiDomenico-16th Street Park, and other community activities to get people counted.  Hudson County Census Team representatives will also be going to Bayonne events to get people counted in Census 2020.  They will have small computers with them to help you get recorded in the population count.

Will Bayonne get millions of dollars in federal aid for the next ten years?  You can make it happen by getting counted in Census 2020.  Do it now!

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