Hoboken man charged in bicycle burglary

Hoboken man charged in bicycle burglary

Police arrested a Hoboken man on Aug. 15 after he allegedly attempted to steal two bicycles from a garage near Ninth and Monroe streets.

According to the press release from the Hoboken Police Department, at about 9:37 p.m., on Aug. 15, Detective Michael Losurdo and Detective Adam Colon were driving through the intersection of Ninth and Monroe streets when they observed a man walking out of a residential garage with two bicycles.

Det. Losurdo and Det. Colon pulled over and identified themselves.

While exiting their vehicle, the man dropped one of the bicycles and allegedly began fleeing westbound from Ninth and Monroe streets.

Det. Losurdo and Det. Colon chased the man on foot, while giving verbal commands to stop.

The man then allegedly attempted to mount the bicycle still in his possession, and as he did, he lost his balance and fell to the ground, according to the release.

The detectives caught up with the man and saw he was bleeding from his left hand.

The man, identified as Hoboken resident Victor Mendoza, 45,  also complained that he injured his wrist.

Mendoza was informed that he was under arrest, and the officers requested an ambulance  for his injuries.

Officers Joshua Campoverde and Daniel Barron arrived as backup.

Officer Campoverde searched Mendoza and discovered drug paraphernalia, hypodermic needle and syringe, and prescription medication not prescribed to Mendoza allegedly in Mendoza’s possession.

Mendoza was transported to the hospital with Officer Campoverde and Officer Barron.

Det. Colon and Det. Losurdo continued their investigation.

They learned that Mendoza had allegedly entered into the residential garage by forcing the garage door open with a second unknown man.

They allegedly entered the garage together.

Mendoza allegedly attempted to break the lock off a bicycle but was unsuccessful before he exited with two others.

Police charged Mendoza with Burglary, Conspiracy to Commit Burglary, Theft, Criminal Attempt Theft, Obstruction, Hindering the Apprehension of Another, Criminal Mischief, Burglar’s Tools, Possession of Prescription Legend Drugs, Possession of Hypodermic Needle and Syringe, and Drug Paraphernalia.

After being discharged from the hospital, Mendoza was transported to headquarters for processing.

Mendoza’s charges were placed on a warrant. He was found to also have a Hudson County Warrant for his arrest.

Mendoza was transported to the Hudson County Correctional Center.

The owners of the two bicycles contacted police headquarters on the following day and received their property.

If police learn the identity of the second man, he could also face charges, according to the release.

Mendoza is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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