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North Bergen Superintendent of Schools details virtual learning plan

More details to come, Dr. George Solter said

Dr. George Solter, Superintendent of Schools in North Bergen

With New Jersey stuck in Phase 2 of reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic, school districts across Hudson County are determining how to reopen. The North Bergen Board of Education approved its school reopening plan at its board meeting on Aug. 12.

It voted unanimously that students will begin virtual learning from home on Sept. 8. This follows similar determinations in neighboring municipalities.

The district will re-evaluate the plan after a month. School officials expect an Oct. 1 move to hybrid learning, consisting of in-person and virtual instruction. That decision will be made only if the data supports it.

Virtual learning elaborated

Superintendent of Schools George Solter elaborated on the virtual learning plan via video message on Aug. 21.

A complete schedule for students to log onto and guidelines for virtual education will be posted next week, Solter said.

Students can receive a Chromebook from the district if they do not have a device at home. The district will make sure that each family has a connection to the internet.

Schools will conduct full-day live classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays through Google Meet. On Wednesdays, students will complete assignments and meet in small groups with teachers for four hours.

Students must follow their teachers on Google Classroom for notes, correspondence, and assignments. They’re required to attend classes as if they were in school and complete assignments.

If there are extenuating circumstances, contact the teacher, guidance counselor, or principal.

Lunches and breakfasts will be provided at schools.

“I hope everyone understands the caution we are taking at this time for everyone’s health and safety,” Solter said. “We will be updating you with future videos, emails, texts, and social media posts.”

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