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All Saints Catholic Academy to reopen with in-person instruction

Virtual instruction an option

All Saints Catholic Academy

With New Jersey stuck in Phase 2 of reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic, school districts across the state have opted to remain virtual for the start of the 2020 to 2021 school year.

Bayonne public schools are following a virtual-only instruction plan that will be reassessed monthly. But some private schools have opted to return to in-person instruction.

All Saints Catholic Academy will reopen under an in-person instruction plan, announced principal Sister Rita Fritzen. But students have the option of taking virtual classes.

Starting Sept. 9, students will begin classes either in-person or virtually, depending on their parents’ choice.

COVID-19 precautions

Temperatures will be taken daily before children enter the school.

Students will wear masks when entering the school, in the hallways, and while behind the desk shields. Students must have at least one spare mask in their possession at all times.

Teachers will give students breaks to take off their masks and will schedule times to wash their hands, use the restroom, and wipe down their desks.

Teachers will wear face shields and masks while teaching.

Masks must be solid colors with minimal designs and no words or messages, including political messages or offensive language. Cloth masks are allowed but must be washed daily.

The administration will determine what is offensive, and parents should inspect masks before purchasing them.

In-person instruction

For both in-person and virtual instruction, classes will run from 8:10 a.m. to noon from Sept. 9 throughout 11. Full-day sessions will begin Sept. 14.

Lunch will be in the classroom. However, the first month of school, no food service will be provided. Parents must provide water because fountains are not in use.

According to Sister Fritzen, food service will resume when all safety conditions have been met.

All supplies, lunch boxes, and materials must be labeled. There will be no bus service until further notice.

Gym classes will be small. Non-contact activities will be planned, with outside time throughout the day.

Virtual instruction

According to Fritzen, students will live-stream with their teachers in real time, using Google Classroom, not Class Dojo.

Teachers will not hold online hours and will not be available to students after 4 p.m.

Students will log in at 8:10 a.m. for attendance and must be present live on the screen in a uniform shirt. Students will see the teacher present the lesson in real time but will not see classmates.

Teachers will interact with in-person and virtual students during the lesson. They will allow virtual students breaks for breakfast and lunch.

On Sept. 8, one parent from each family will pick up their students’ textbooks. Times will be assigned and parents notified.

Virtual students can re-enter school and resume in-person instruction on Oct. 16 and again on Nov. 25. Parents must submit a written request.

Other expectations

Students in grades four through eight will be given a code of behavior and expectations for in-person instruction. Parents will be asked to sign a “Memorandum of Understanding” form from the Archdiocese of Newark before school begins.

A complete guide to the reopening of the school can be found on
the ASCA website and the Facebook page ASCA moms and dads.

All regulations are in compliance with Gov. Murphy’s guidelines
and those of the Department of Health, Fritzen said.

Anyone with questions can call the school at 201-443-8384 between 9 a.m. and 12 noon Tuesdays and Thursdays, while summer hours are in

Fritzen said that the school will comply if the Hudson County Board of Health asks the school to move to virtual-only instruction. Classes will be live-streamed and follow a different schedule. Most likely, the day would end earlier, according to Fritzen.

“As we know, everything can change,” she said. “Things can be added. As we live through these uncertain times, let us continue to be careful and mindful and to take every precaution to keep our students safe and not take risks in the remainder of the summer days.”

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