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Back to School—Differently

Normally, at this time of year, we do a back-to-school column with thoughts about the start of the academic calendar.  Since the Coronavirus is still with us, everything is different this September.  The Bayonne public school system and many others are not having in-person classes, at least not yet.  Students will have to rely on the Internet to see their teachers and classes.

Although it will not be the same as a regular school year this September, students should still keep up with all of your assignments.  It is very important to work steadily through the next several months, so that you will not fall behind while taking your classes from home. Everything that you do in remote classes will help you to get ready for the rest of your education and for your life after that.  Your teachers will help you to learn the information and skills that you will need in the years ahead.

Parents and guardians of elementary school and high school students should do whatever you can to make sure that your children do their homework and projects under these extraordinary circumstances.  You have a special role to play in showing your children that learning is important.  We should all salute the parents who are juggling their own careers and their children’s educations at the same time this year at home. If your children are having problems with their lessons, you should contact their teachers and counselors as soon as possible, so that the problems can be addressed before they grow.  We want all of our children to keep learning, whether at home or back inside our school buildings.

I would like to wish all college students well as you begin the semester.  Some of you are taking all of your classes remotely, while others have gone back with masks to in-person classes.  Still others are having a hybrid semester, with a mixture of remote and in-person classes. Most of you have a lot to read.  Don’t let it go until the last minute.  You have a great opportunity to think about some big questions and to get ready for your future careers.

I would like to congratulate all students and teachers who are starting at a new school this year.  You will always remember this as the school year that began on the Internet, and hopefully, ended inside the actual school buildings.  Good luck, everyone, and study well!


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