Cool dining options coming to Hoboken

City issues restaurant guidelines for outdoor dining this winter

The City of Hoboken released guidance for restaurants that want to continue offering outdoor dining this winter.

Guidelines include outdoor heating options, application information for existing businesses to continue parklets and streateries, and procedures on snow removal.

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Last month, the council adopted an ordinance extending outdoor dining options through 2021.

The city has approved more than 50 streateries and parklets since the governor permitted outdoor dining in June.

“Hoboken is doing everything possible to facilitate socially distant outdoor dining options for residents to enjoy,” said Mayor Ravi Bhalla. “We are committed to working with our businesses to continue keeping as many people as possible outdoors in a safe and comfortable environment during upcoming winter months. Thank you to the City Council for working with my administration on these important initiatives.”

Heating options

Under the new guidelines, the city permits both electric and propane heaters for outdoor dining with approvals from the Building Department for electric heaters and Fire Department for propane heaters.

To have an electric heater, the restaurant must have a fire extinguisher within 25 feet of the heater, patrons can’t interact with the heater, and the heater must be removed during storms or “snow events.”

The heater must also be UL listed as conforming with Underwriters Laboratory standards with classifications and safety instruction from the manufacturer. Personnel must understand how the heater functions.

To have a propane, or any other heater with an LP cylinder, a restaurant must get a permit from the Hoboken Fire Department.

The heater cannot be placed within five feet of a building, under an overhang or canopy, or within five feet of anything combustible.

A fire extinguisher must be within 25 feet of the heater, and patrons cannot interact with the heater.

A heat tank cannot be stored inside or within 10 feet of the establishment. The heater can be, as long as the tank is removed.

The heater must be removed during storms or snow events, and it must automatically turn off when tipped over. A tip drill will be performed to ensure safety. The heater must be UL listed with classification and safety instructions from the manufacturer.

Personnel must understand how the heater functions.

Structures and seasonal canopies 

According to executive order 163, outdoor dining establishments can offer a fixed roof or temporary or seasonal awning or cover as long as at least two sides are open and make up more than 50 percent of the total wall space, if it were enclosed.

Shade, seasonal canopies, sheds, or other structures more than 50 percent enclosed are considered indoor dining.

Temporary popup seasonal canopies less than 10 feet by 10 feet do not require a permit from the city, but larger canopies require approval from the Hoboken Building Department and Hoboken Fire Department.

These canopies must abe removed during storms or show events, but structures may remain up during storms or snow events if approved by the Building Department.

Keep it down!

Based on feedback from residents, the city established regulations to limit noise.

No DJs and no amplified music, broadcast announcements, or speakers are allowed in outdoor dining areas, including sidewalk cafes, streateries, parklets, and Summer Streets.

Live acoustic music is permitted under the new regulations but only until 10 p.m., when all outdoor entertainment must end.

TVs and projectors are allowed but must be on mute. They cannot be permanently attached to the structure and must be brought inside at the end of the day.

According to the new regulations, sound from indoor speakers or entertainment “should not be plainly audible beyond the property line. “

October application deadline

Businesses that would like to apply for a new parklet or streatery should do so by Oct. 1.

Businesses with an existing parklet and streatery need to reapply for a permit by Oct. 31, which will permit the parklet and streatery through Dec. 31, 2021.

For applications, full guidance, additional information regarding outdoor dining in the winter, and contact information for businesses to reach city staff,  click here and visit the business recovery home page at

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