The Coming Decade

The Coming Decade

Census 2020 will determine many things about New Jersey for the coming decade.  The statistics generated in Census 2020 will be used to make policy at every level of government from 2021 until 2031.  If Bayonne’s population is undercounted, we will be underserved.  If Bayonne’s population is counted fairly, we are more likely to receive our fair share of dollars from the federal government over the next ten years.

The census will determine whether New Jersey keeps twelve members in the U.S. House of Representatives, or whether we lose one to another state. We would lose political clout as a state if we had smaller representation in Congress.

The census will determine how more than $45 billion in federal funds will be distributed in New Jersey each year.  This money can fund education, healthcare, transportation, housing, senior programs, and other important human needs in Bayonne.

Businesses use census data to help make decisions about jobs, investments, and locations.  They would rather locate in a growing community than in a declining one.  They like to go where they know that good potential employees and customers are available.  Let’s make Bayonne one of those desirable communities.

You have the power to make good things happen by filling out a form for Census 2020.  You can respond online, on paper, or by phone.

A few weeks ago, the Census Bureau sent out one last mailing to addresses that have not been counted yet.  That mailing included a paper census form.  If you would like to be counted with that paper form, please fill it out and mail it back today.

You can also go directly to the census website.  You can be counted online by going to, then follow the directions.

If you would like to be counted by telephone, please call 844-330-2020.

Hudson County will be organizing a census party in Bayonne on Sunday, September 27, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Kopcinski Park, by 19th Street and Broadway.  The event will feature a Corn Guys food truck that will offer free meals to the first 150 households that complete the census at the event.

You could also be counted by census workers who are going around town.

Since Census 2000, Bayonne’s official population count has been going up.  Let’s keep a good thing going.  For the third census in a row, let’s show that population growth that we all know is there. Stand up for Bayonne.  The clock is ticking. Please do it now!  Thank you!



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