Honor Columbus on Columbus Day


Dear Editor:

October 12 is Columbus Day. Christopher Columbus has been an endearing and enduring inspiration to all immigrants. He opened a land of opportunity for people from distant lands who possess the daring, desire, and determination to take a chance by coming to the “New World” with only a glimmer of hope and a sincere yearning for a better future for themselves and their posterity.

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Columbus’s legacy and spirit represent “inspiration,” “imagination,” “ingenuity,” and “intensity.” These “four i’s” of human achievement accompanied American pioneers such as Admiral Byrd when he explored the polar regions; Susan B. Anthony and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. when they struggled for equality and human rights, Neil Armstrong when he became the first “Earthling” to walk on the lunar surface, and they were with Barrack Obama when he became the first Black American to be elected President. Those four simple — yet powerful — words help us to reach our own dreams, goals, and aspirations. Taken collectively, those four words mean hope for a better future.

The zeal of Columbus is with those dedicated professionals arduously seeking a cure for COVID-19 and with other visionaries searching for those answers that will benefit humanity.

Columbus’s persistence to obtain support for a risky seafaring enterprise yielded results that went well beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. He opened a “New World” with unlimited potential and possibilities. Never before have so many owed so much to just one man – Christopher Columbus.

Columbus’s “inspiration,” “imagination,” “ingenuity,” and “intensity” have fostered a period of exploration, discovery, and “breakthroughs” that are still very much alive today. For that reason, we continue – we should continue – to commemorate Christopher Columbus on the second Monday in October.

John Di Genio and Albert J. Cupo