Ryan, Wilbeck, Kim – The Smart Choice for Bayonne

Dear Editor:

In an overwhelming decision in 2015, Bayonne voters chose to move from an appointed to an elected school board, ending 35 years of trustees being appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the mayor. The people had spoken: politics had no place in the educational arena!

As I write this, voters have the opportunity to speak again by casting their ballots for three school board trustees. The results of this election will have lasting effects on students, teachers, parents, and stakeholders. It will also define who we are and what we value as a community.

My name is Charles Ryan. I was elected to the Board of Education four years ago and am stepping up to serve again. I have a BA in History and hold a NJ State Standard Teaching Certificate. I began my career as a high school history teacher. My decision to leave teaching was a difficult one as I truly enjoyed the classroom.

However, I was drawn to a long family tradition of public service following in the footsteps of my grandfather, Charles Ryan, BPD, and my father, Jack Ryan, retired Deputy Chief, Bayonne Fire Department. During my tenure at the Bayonne Police Department, I rose through the ranks from Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, to Deputy Chief of Police. At each level I demonstrated the KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) to take the promotional test to attain the next rank.

Because of my background in education, I was in charge of the DARE program, Cops in Schools and Community Oriented Police Units where I worked closely with the school district. As Deputy Chief, I commanded the Patrol Division during Hurricane Sandy, demonstrating my ability to make sound decisions in an emergency situation. As a Board Trustee, I drew on my knowledge and experience and was heavily involved in the implementation of the new safety and security procedures that help protect our children every day.

I have been married to my wife, Alana, for 33 years. We are the proud parents of three children. I am well aware of programs, resources, and policies that affect the lives of all students, from special needs to gifted ones. The record shows that I have been a voice for all of them.

Together with my teammates, Denis Wilbeck Jr. and Andrew Kim, we pledge to honor your decision to keep politics out of the Board of Education in both spirit and in action and put children first. To that end, we are running a self- funded, non-partisan campaign. We want to be accountable only to you, the voters. As successful professionals, we are also committed to running a “clean” campaign, so we are limiting our social media interaction. We invite you to join our Facebook page at: Ryan, Wilbeck and Kim for BBOED

We believe that the heart and soul of our town lies in the the spirit of those who are willing to serve.

The time is here. The time is now. Let us be your voice.

Charles Ryan 4I