Trump haters: don’t be trivial!

Dear Editor:

Without exception, every person I know who is opposed to Donald Trump’s reelection “doesn’t like him” simply because, well…because they “don’t like him.”

Accomplishments be damned, promises kept be damned. They don’t like his hair. They don’t like his common man demeanor. For good measure, they even throw in hatred of his completely innocent child son Barron. Others are jealously offended by the exquisite beauty of his wife Melania.

With Trump haters there is little, [if any], attention given to the fact that within weeks of his inauguration, labor union out-of-work lists cleared out, (I know because I am a forty-five year long proud member of one), employment numbers dropped and the general health of the nation turned in a positive direction simply because people and industry were feeling better about the direction, this new optimist in office, was steering the ship of state in a direction away from the rocks and shoals the previous captain assured us was where we were dead-headed because, in his words, “those jobs are “gone forever” and would “never come back.”

Those negative words, from that anti Second Amendment Democratic president, were as accurate as, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Yet the people who hate Trump cried, and still cry, that our Constitution prohibited him from remaining in office for more than two consecutive terms. Go figure!

This election is not some kind of rock star popularity contest that we the electorate are called upon to judge every four years. Yet it seems that the fate of our nation is hanging by the dangerous thread that perception allows, and that alarming reality brings to the forefront a great inconsistency of opinion which existed between two of our greatest founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

Jefferson championed the “People” as the best place to entrust the continuance of liberty. Adams vigorously disagreed. On Election Day November 3rd will you make your decision based on the cut of a man’s hair? Will you even vote?

Though I have not lived in North Hudson for over four years, I have taken the liberty to submit this letter to this publication based on the fact that I was born in the Margret Hague and lived in West New York and North Bergen for the ensuing sixty-six years.

Lawrence Braico