Our real enemies, right here at home

Dear Editor:

So! It has now been revealed that we Americans have a real enemy. No, not the bogus ones the warmongers have been trying to get us to attack–Russia, China, Iran, countries that have never harmed us. No, these enemies are right here at home, and they are turncoats that we had thought were our friends. They are Twitter, Facebook, Google, our social media giants supposed to be, like good journalists, reporting facts, not (like our Presstitute Media), lies and prejudices.

But their thumbs are pushing hard on the scale to get Biden elected over Trump.
How? By censoring. Biden is on film bragging about how he bribed the prosecutor in Ukraine to stop investigating the corrupt company his son, Hunter, was involved with, taking wads of cash from a no-show job. A NY newspaper, the Post, reported this scandal, but Twitter and Facebook censored it so that millions will not see it. These giant tech companies claim to be defending America against “fake news”. Oh, good. Who wants fake news?

Ay, but the rub is, who decides what is fake?
Our great Bill of Rights, the envy of less fortunate nations, guaranteed us free speech. Free speech means free speech. All speech must be on the table. Congress must intervene and break up these anti-American companies. If we Americans lose our freedom to speak our minds, no matter who may disagree, all is lost

T. Weed