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Residents encouraged to join security camera registry

Footage is not accessible to police without owners' permission

A home security camera, by Shutterstock.

The Bayonne Police Department (BPD) is encouraging residents to join its security camera registry.

Residents and business owners who maintain security cameras and wish to share video with the police can go to BayonnePD.com. Residents can click on the appropriate icon and follow the prompts in the drop-down boxes to register a security camera’s location.

Chief of Police Robert Geisler reminded residents of the ongoing partnership between the community and the police to register the locations of privately-owned security cameras for use by the police to help resolve incidents.

Registering locations only

Community members are registering only the location of their security cameras. It’s voluntary, and the content of the stored video is not accessible to the police unless authorized by the owner of the camera.

The locations of registered security cameras are not shared. The information is used soley by police.

Registering a security camera allows the police to know where cameras are located in a certain area if an incident occurs. The police say this saves valuable time for first responders. Registered cameras allow the police to resolve incidents more quickly, identify criminals in a timely manner, and recover stolen property at a greater rate.

Property owners would be contacted by the police if an incident takes place in the vicinity of surveillance cameras. Police personnel may ask camera owners to review and or provide recorded footage related to a specific incident.

Quashing surveillance concerns

According to officials, the BPD will never have remote or direct access to any private surveillance systems. It will require the owner’s permission and cooperation to view, download, or copy any recorded incidents. Information provided will be maintained in a secure data base.

According to the police, the partnership is not intended for active or live feed surveillance; nor is it intended to monitor what citizens are doing in their neighborhoods.

“I would like to thank everyone in the community who has already registered their security cameras with us and all those who have allowed the Bayonne Police Department access to their security cameras and videos,” Geisler said. “I would encourage our community members who have security cameras or security type doorbells to assist us in keeping Bayonne safe and register your cameras with us.”

To ensure that the police have the latest and most up-to-date database, Geisler is asking residents who have already registered their cameras to do it again.

“There have been numerous success stories as a result of our partnerships with our community members who have registered their cameras with us,” Geisler said. “These partnerships have allowed the Bayonne Police Department to hold criminals accountable for their actions and to recover stolen property and return it to the rightful owner.”

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