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What Happened To Truthfulness – COVID-19


Dear Editor:

This pandemic was totally mismanaged by Dr. Fauci. We now know that the first infections were registered in November/December 2019. No actions were taken by the CDC or NIH. Only after infections mushroomed on the West Coast in early March and started to increase in NYC two weeks later did the CDC advise action. The action Dr. Fauci recommended was a theory developed by the UN’s WHO, promoted by China.

This theory of controlling and defeating a virus by infection prevention through lockdowns, social distancing and masking is just this, a theory that is not and cannot be scientifically validated. So this measure of lock down, social distancing and masking is not based on science! Why is the press not reporting on this?

Look at what happened in New Zealand: Their socialist Prime Minister enforced this measure very strictly, achieved only one new infection in a week’s period and slowly reopened her country. The infection rate exploded immediately. So, this does not work!

The lock down affected not only our economy, but also our healthcare system since it was locked down too. As a result no autopsies were conducted during the first three months of lockdown while thousands of people died. Why did the press not report on this? The autopsies finally revealed that the cause of death was severe blood clotting in the lungs (when the lungs are clogged ventilators cannot work either) excessive amounts of cytokines and inflammation of various organs. This can easily be treated with blood thinners, steroids and NSAIDS. It took the CDC and NIH another 3 months until they included steroids in their treatment recommendations. There is still no mention of blood thinners or NDAIS on the CDC and NIH websites.

Dr. Fauci’s recommendation is to continue strictly with this non-scientific practice of limited lockdowns, social distancing and masking until a vaccine is available. Why is the press not questioning this? There are many virologists and disease specialist who question Dr. Fauci, but they are not only ignored by the press but literally demonized? Where has the quest for truth gone in our press?

Alexander Schenk

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