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Jersey City to deliver masks to local residents

More details revealed with official unveiling of #MaskUpJC

Jersey City businesses will receive this sticker to remind customers to wear a mask in order to enter.

120,000 Jersey City households will receive face masks as part of the city’s public campaign called #MaskUpJC. The campaign, announced last month, aims to expand the city’s efforts toprovide critical tools and resources to help Jersey City residents stay safe as COVID-19 infection rates rise nationwide.

As of Nov. 4, Jersey City had 60 new positive COVID-19 compared to Oct. 4 when only six new positive cases were reported. As of Nov. 4, Jersey City averaged a total of 43 cases over a seven-day period.

Care package

The #MaskUpJC initiative centers on a citywide face mask distribution; five city-branded, 3-ply masks will be sent via mail carrier to all 120,000 households in Jersey City.

The #MaskUpJC packages also contain a letter from Mayor Steven Fulop and a “Mask Up JC” poster.

In the mayor’s open letter, residents are encouraged to sign up for the city’s emergency alert system to receive important updates.

“Absent a vaccine, wearing a mask is one of the few proven effective ways we can dramatically decrease transmission, and we want to further our efforts to support residents and encourage everyone to remain diligent as we get through this together,” Fulop said.

“My top priority is to protect our residents’ health and safety, and the goal is to avoid another surge which would also inflict further damage on people’s mental health, our struggling businesses, and the local economy.”

Under the #MaskUpJC campaign, the city will distribute 2,000 stickers to businesses that read, “MASK UP to Enter”.

Business owners can put the stickers on their storefront windows to encourage customer compliance.

All city employees will receive cloth masks in addition to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that the city has distributed throughout the pandemic.

Since March, the city has distributed more than 200,000 masks and PPE to senior buildings, nonprofit organizations, local businesses, and residents.

“Our data shows that the major contributor to the current moderate increase in cases is in-home family gatherings, which further supports our efforts to ensure everyone remains compliant,” said Director of Health and Human Services Stacey Flanagan.We need everyone to be responsible and do their part to avoid further contagion by wearing masks, maintaining hygiene, and getting tested when they’re exposed or show symptoms.”

Expanding services

HHS is expanding access to COVID-19 testing and flu vaccines.

Several mobile testing units are being deployed throughout the city to bring health services directly to vulnerable populations, including senior residents and public housing sites.

Rapid testing will soon be available at popup sites citywide, with a 15- minute turnaround time for results, according to the city.

City health officials are targeting communities with higher positivity rates in order to identify, quarantine, and treat those with the virus.

“We knew very little about this virus when it first hit, but today we have a much better understanding of what needs to be done and how we can continue our work with the community to help slow the spread,” said Fulop. “Our Mask Up campaign encourages compliance so that everyone can do their part to stay safe.”

The “Mask Up JC” branding will be deployed at digital kiosks, billboards, and social media.

The city’s website will provide the same information for non-English speaking residents in their native languages at www.jcnj.org/MaskUPJC.

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