Time for Autumn Leaves


Every time of year gives us particular responsibilities. Right now, it is time for picking up autumn leaves. Property owners have the responsibility to clean the leaves up in a way that helps the environment.  Residents may place leaves in special ecology-friendly leaf bags, in barrels, or in paper bags.  Plastic bags are unacceptable and will be rejected for curbside pickup.

The City of Bayonne is happy to help our residents with the leaves each year.  We are offering our residents packets of ecology-friendly leaf bags that can be picked up at the front doors of City Hall from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Municipal employees will issue one packet of bags per household at a time.  Households can request additional packets after they have used up the first packet of bags.

The City of Bayonne is conducting curbside pickup of autumn leaves on Mondays in the fall. The pick-ups take place citywide on Mondays only through Monday, December 21, 2020.

The term “leaves” means foliage only.  Specifically excluded from this definition are grass clippings, hedge clippings, tree parts, shrubbery and other types of vegetative waste.

Leaf collection starts early on designated Mondays, at 6 a.m., so residents should put their leaves out on Sunday evenings to ensure pickup.

While you are gathering leaves for pick-up, it would be helpful if you could include leaves that you see in the street and around sewers by your property.  By removing those leaves from the pavement and sewer heads, you will help ensure the smooth flow of water during rainstorms.  Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help.

Throughout the autumn, I would ask property owners to pick up litter on a regular basis and put it with your garbage or recycling, depending on the item.  By doing this, you will prevent litter from being stuck under ice and snow once the winter arrives.  With just a few minutes of effort, you can improve your property’s appearance.

Autumn is also a great time for doing home renovations and maintenance.  It would be a practical idea to get things done before ice and snow make some things difficult or impossible to do.

Thank you for participating in the leaf pick-up program and for keeping your property clean at this time of year.  We appreciate everything that you do to help the environment and maintain Bayonne’s neighborhoods.