Liberals/Progressives Need To Fight As Hard As Conservatives Do

Dear Editor:

I’m baffled by what I see and hear from liberal/progressive Democrats about this shameful conservative and Republican effort to steal the election from Biden—–NOTHING !!!!!
Where are the protests about this shameful and immoral effort to steal the election?
Where are the voices?
I see and hear virtually nothing.
Are we going to be mute for the next two months until they eventually steal it?
I guess so.
Too many Democrats strike me as being too timid and meek and spineless.
They seem to be intimidated by the conservatives.
At least the right-wingers fight hard for what they believe in and want.
I often get the feeling that Democrats think that if we “make nice” to those bullying, ranting, right-wing blowhards that that will somehow “work.” It will not.
We need to speak up and fight harder for the humane values which we believe in and stand for.
It is about time that we faced-down our political adversaries.

Stewart B Epstein