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Secaucus town council makes it easier to become a cop

The town also regulated radio frequencies and overhauled recycling policies

The Secaucus town council met in person and virtually on Nov. 10.

The Secaucus town council adopted three ordinances at the Nov. 10 meeting.

Lowering the passing grade

Amid nationwide calls for increased scrutiny of police, Secaucus has made it easier to become a cop.

At the Nov. 10 meeting, the council adopted an ordinance amending the qualifications and procedures for appointments to the Secaucus Police Department.

At the meeting, officials did not ofer details about the proposed ordinance.

At the caucus meeting before the regular meeting on Oct. 27, officials said the ordinance was introduced on a recommendation from Police Chief Dennis Miller, requesting the passing grade for the written portion be lowered from 70 to 65.

Officials defended the move by noting that this is just one aspect of the police test, but it’s not clear why the passing grade was lowered. No members of the public spoke for or against the ordinance at the Nov. 10 hearing.

It was announced that the SPD was awarded a federal grant worth more than $1,400 for body armor.

Regulating radio frequencies

The council moved to ensure that first responders can communicate by radio anywhere in town without interference by adopting an ordinance establishing policies for emergency responder radio coverage inside buildings.

The ordinance stipulates that if a new building is being constructed or is undergoing significant renovation, requirements will ensure that police and firefighters can communicate through their radio frequencies while in the building.

The ordinance mandates that any frequency system installed in a building will not conflict with the town’s system.

Updating recycling policies

The council adopted an ordinance that officials said will “bring recycling up to snuff.”

According to Mayor Michael Gonnelli, the environmental coordinator worked on the ordinance which better defines recyclable materials.

A penalty of $54 for recycling violations will be enforced. But warnings will be given before fines are given.

The town will work with enforcement officers to educate residents of the changes.

For more information, visit https://secaucusnj.gov.

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