Lied into war after war

Dear Editor:

We must thank John Di Genio for reminding us that The War to End All Wars (WW1) did no such thing. It led to a worse one. In his summary, Di Genio didn’t mention that 116,708 Americans were killed, and 204,000 were wounded. President Woodrow Wilson promised that he would not send American boys to that European war, but all the while he was conniving with England and Zionists and others who wanted to crush Germany as a rival economic power.

He lied us into that war. And yes, as Mr. Di Genio points out, the Treaty (Versailles) that a defeated Germany was forced to sign was so unfair and vindictive and punishing that it made the starving German people desperate for a Leader to free them. They found one, and his party, the National Socialists, was so successful that Germany had to be crushed again in a new war.

We were lied into that war by Roosevelt who also promised again and again not to send American boys, because polls showed that 87 percent of Americans were so disgusted by the bloodshed of WW1 that they wanted no part of the new war brewing in Europe; but all the while he was plotting with Churchill to do the opposite, and when they forced Japan, facing economic ruin brought about by US strong-arming, to either submit to suicide or strike Pearl Harbor (where the US Pacific Fleet sat conveniently anchored within reach of Japanese bombers), they had their war (because Germany and Japan had a mutual defense treaty).

Lies! Remember Iraq and her “weapons of mass destruction”? George Bush and his Neocon handlers knew there were no WMD, but they invaded anyway, a war that has cost taxpayers 8 trillion dollars and counting, not to mention millions of dead, several countries destroyed, floods of homeless refugees, and a Mideast still in turmoil.

T. Weed