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The Extraordinary Compassion of the Hoboken Police Department

Dear Editor:

Recently I had to call the Hoboken Police because I was not able to get in contact with my elderly father, a resident of Hoboken for over 35 years. Despite it being Halloween evening, Dispatcher Kelly Salem immediately called officers to the scene who very quickly identified that things were not correct and made entry to our apartment and found my father.

Sadly, he had passed away (at home surrounded by his books, the way he always told me he wanted to go). Sergeant Zeszottarski, and officers Lupo and McCourt assisted me over the phone for several hours in helping me understand and deal with the situation and its aftermath while I was thousands of miles away. Their compassion and patience in helping me both grieve and deal with the immediate requirements was out of the ordinary and I thank them and the wider Hoboken police department, and Police Chief Ferrante.

It was so important to me and helped me through that evening and the following days and weeks. It reinvigorates the support I have of the Hoboken police. Times are difficult in so many ways for everyone, including Police Officers, everywhere and while there are many changes that need to be made, this was also a reminder of the vast variety of important ways a dedicated and strong police has to our city and to ordinary citizens like my father and I. Thank you so much.

Tommy Erdei

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