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Jersey City police officers climb the ranks

Dec. 10 hero among those promoted

Jersey City Police Sgt. Majorie Jordan, who heroically pulled a fellow officer to safety during the mass shooting last December, is promoted to Lieutenant during a ceremony at City Hall. Photo by Jen Brown.

Jersey City officials gathered on Nov. 24 to promote 75 Jersey City police officers.

“It has been a truly challenging environment for the Jersey City Police Department,” said Mayor Steven Fulop. “It is nothing short of a privilege, and I know that the city council shares this sentiment, to be associated and to work with the men and women in the Jersey City Police Department. It has really been a year like no other. As many of you know, less than a year ago we saw a mass shooting, hate crime here in Jersey City that many of you were involved in. We saw a response unparalleled … When you look at what happened on Dec. 10 last year, you see the Jersey City Police Department acting bravely and properly.”

Sergeant Marjorie Jordan was on the scene that day.

She ran toward gunfire to help fellow officer Raymond Sanchez who was crouched behind a parked car and shot in the shoulder. She pulled him up to his feet and guided him to safety.

She was one of 20 sergeants promoted to lieutenant, making her the highest-ranking Black woman officer in the department’s history.

During the ceremony, held outside city hall due to COVID-19 regulations, 35 officers were promoted to Sergeant, and 20 others made Captain.

‘Unprecedented obstacles’

“As a city, we have had to overcome unprecedented obstacles this past year, and our officers never wavered in their commitment to keeping the community safe,” Fulop said. “We have the best police department in the state, bar none, and I have no doubt this new leadership will continue to further our progress as a city.”

These promotions achieve more diversity within the ranks, a priority of the administration’s, which has hired nearly 500 police officers since July 2013, more than 70 percent of whom represent minorities to better reflect the city’s diverse population.

Among the new Sergeants, 13 are Hispanic, two are Arabic, and two are African American.

“Law enforcement is ever-evolving, and it takes strong leadership throughout the department to achieve efficient and effective operations,” said Public Safety Director James Shea. “These newly promoted ranks have countless years of experience between them, and I know that their training and experience will further our goals of decreasing crime and increasing public safety.”

With the highest JCPD staffing levels in decades, this rising leadership will help oversee more than 900 officers and continue the goal of improving overall public safety and quality of life for residents, according to the administration.

“We’ve implemented various police reforms, expanded training, and enhanced our technological capabilities, but it takes true leadership to cultivate a department into the premier police force we have become here in Jersey City,” said Police Director Tawana Moody.

Police Chief Michael Kelly said, “Our police department continues to grow in size and strength, and I’m confident the newest leadership rising in ranks today will continue to raise the bar, and further solidifiy our spot among the top police departments in the state.”

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