The “Defund the Police Movement” Was The Kiss Of Death For Democrats

Dear Editor:

Research is showing the the “Defund The Police Movement” was like a 10 year-old child’s temper-tantrum that lost the Democrats a lot of votes that could have resulted in a landslide victory for Biden, a gain of seats in the House, and a take-over of the Senate.
This could have resulted in the passage of the new social programs that these “lefties”want
such as a national health insurance program that covers everyone which all of our allies have.

This was perhaps the dumbest move by the Democrats in the last forty years.
Almost as stupid was some of these Democrats calling themselves “Socialists.” This was another “Kiss-Of-Death” that was made even more foolish by the fact that none of them are truly “socialist” at all.

They are actually “SOCIAL DEMOCRATS.”

Please read the online article titled “Bernie Sanders Isn’t A Socialist” by Paul Krugman which appeared in “The New York Times”.

Krugman won the 2008 Nobel Prize in/for Economics. I believe that it is fair and safe to say that someone who won the Nobel Prize in/for Economics actually knows what a “socialist” does and does not believe in (even though I know that political conservatives love to criticize and bash Krugman). There are many other articles which say what Krugman says.
I have had five such articles published, and I would be glad to send paper copies of some of them to anyone.

Stewart B Epstein