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NB Preschool Trailer on 08-22-2020
NB Preschool Trailer on 08-22-2020

Dear Editor:

In 2001, after North Bergen illegally replaced a NJDEP Green Acres funded softball field with its preschool trailers, Mayor Sacco said this would be “temporary”.
In the last 20 years, NB told NJDEP several times the preschool would be moved out of the park and each time, NB reneged.

Finally, on On 06-08-17 NJDEP told NB:

“Removing the trailers as quickly as possible is the only scenario we are considering, and is what the Township has assured us will happen.
Allowing the trailers to remain permanently is not an option.”

This past August at a public scoping hearing, NB reneged again, this time after voters approved a $65 million referendum plan that included moving the preschool out of Braddock Park. NB didn’t explain why it was disregarding the plan in which the preschoolers would attend elementary schools.

It’s not okay for officials to disregard voters mandates and to misspend $65 million of taxpayer money.

At the scoping hearing, Mayor Sacco falsely claimed that the softball field Green Acres taxpayer money built, didn’t exist:

“Inside it was once said there was a softball field; that’s not true.
There was something there.
It was a plate and a pitcher’s — not even a mound.
The outfield would have the running track.
So it was something that was never utilized.
It was kind of almost like a joke when people looked at it…
It is beyond my comprehension how anybody with a rational person — can be a rational person and oppose this plan…
Anyone who says no is condemning our children to a second rate education.”

Ask Mayor Sacco why the field wasn’t maintained properly, why NB illegally removed it and why students will receive a 2nd rate education if they go to a safe permanent school in the community instead of to an unsafe trailer school in the park.

Freeholder Vainieri improperly berated residents and nonsensically claimed the Hudson County owned Braddock Park can’t be used for county purposes:

“As the mayor stated, anyone who opposes this probably doesn’t have any kids, number one.
Number two, doesn’t care about the kids…
I just want to state for the record that this area of where the preschool trailers are can never be used for a county purpose.
The County of Hudson can never take this property and use it for a park or a playground…
I believe every parent that goes to the school system supports this.
If you don’t, you’re just an anti-administration person.
You should just move out of town because you don’t like the town…
So, again, as a freeholder, I am stating this property can never, ever been used for a county purpose at all.”

Please ask the NJ OAG to take legal action to remove this unsafe trailer preschool from Braddock Park and to not allow North Bergen to disregard the referendum plan voters approved, which was designed to enable preschoolers to attend elementary schools:

Robert Walden