Many Thanks at the End of a Tough Year  

Twenty-Twenty has been a very tough year, the most difficult year that many of us have ever experienced.  We will always look back on this year as the dividing line between what came before and what will come after. We have lost many friends and neighbors to the Coronavirus.  Let us always remember them and keep them in our prayers.

During 2020, some words and phrases took on special importance:  lockdown, quarantine, isolation, virtual, remote, contact-tracing, essential workers, masks, rapid testing, warp speed, and vaccine.  In March, we all learned what it was like to go to the stores and see empty shelves that once held food, cleaning products, and toilet paper.  Stores had to ration sales to prevent hoarding.  After a while, some products reappeared, while others have yet to make a comeback.

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The Bayonne community has endured this year, thanks to our healthcare professionals, first responders, and a variety of City employees, educators, food pantries, non-profit organizations, volunteers, and good neighbors.  I would like to give specific thanks to Bayonne Hospital, the Bayonne City Council, the Bayonne Health Department, the Police Department, the Fire Department, McCabe Ambulance and its EMTs, local food banks, all City Hall employees, the Department of Public Works, the crossing guards, the parking enforcement officers, Dr. Vijay Singh of Bayonne Hospital, videographer Greg Bukshowany, junior meteorologist Colin Schaefer, the Board of Education, the teachers, the school nurses, the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation, and everyone else who has helped us get through 2020.

Thanks to the work that all of these groups and individuals have done, we have been able to keep Bayonne a strong community and maintain some normalcy in a year that was far from normal.

I would like to thank all the residents of Bayonne.  What we have at the end of this year is that we have looked out for each other.  I am proud to see our city come together as we did to look out for each other and help each other.

Under very severe circumstances, we did what we could to help local restaurants and other small businesses keep going.

We have dealt with sadness and frustration, and, honestly, we are all exhausted.  Twenty-Twenty-One is already beginning as a light at the end of the tunnel because of the vaccines.  We still have many hurdles to go, so please keep following all of the COVID protocols.  God bless Bayonne.


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