Dealing with Snow this Winter

We have already had our first major snowstorm in December, so it is a good time to review Bayonne’s snow policies.

Property owners and others with responsibility for properties are obligated to shovel the snow.  Create a path on the sidewalks, so that pedestrians can walk. Shoveled snow should be placed on lawns and other places where people are not walking or driving.  Please do not throw snow into the street.   If ice forms on the sidewalk, you are required to remove it.  Use salt or ice melt.  If ice removal is impractical, you must put sand on the ice, so that pedestrians are less likely to slip and fall.

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If you are not at home or are physically unable to take care of shoveling, salting, or sanding your walk, please hire someone to do the job or make arrangements with others to deal with the ice and snow on your property. Non-resident owners have an obligation to handle the ice and snow.  They should designate Bayonne caretakers if they are not able to carry out their responsibilities in person.

In the event of snow, Public Works vehicles will salt and plow the streets.  Please stay out of the way of these and other emergency vehicles.  The Bayonne Board of Education and the Bayonne Housing Authority will also take part in plowing and salting operations on their properties.

Do not drive unless absolutely necessary during winter storms.  If you must drive, please do so cautiously, because winter storms increase the chances for motor vehicle accidents.  If your vehicle gets stuck in the snow or ice in traffic, do not abandon your vehicle.  Stay with your vehicle and call the Bayonne Police Department for assistance at 201-858-6900.

When snow accumulates in schoolyards, the Board of Education needs to keep schoolyard gates closed until snow removal is complete.  Please do not attempt to park in schoolyards unless and until the Board of Education and the City of Bayonne have announced that schoolyard parking is available.  Whenever the Board of Education and the City of Bayonne announce that vehicles must be removed from schoolyards, please do so by the announced deadlines.

We will keep you informed through our emergency telephone communication system, the City website, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Facebook, and BAY-TV.

If we all take responsibility, then Bayonne can get through the winter safely and responsibly.  Thank you for doing your part.


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