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Why were our leaders silent when Antifa was rioting?


Dear Editor:

I am absolutely appalled by the comments of Rep. Sires and especially Rep. Bill Pascrell saying “the fascist genie has been let out of the bottle.” Citizens went to Washington, DC because they believe the election was rigged. If you watched the hearings from various states held on the November election, then you have to question the process.

As an example, Antrim County in Michigan leans Republican but their November vote went to Biden. They decided to check and discovered 6,000 votes transferred from Trump to Biden. Then you have the video from Fulton County, Georgia where a time recorded video shows a poll worker scanning the same batch into a machine three times. Over 1,000 citizens signed statements and some spoke at their state hearings on this election, but they are dismissed yet this country spent tens of millions on a phony Russian investigation based on one person who refused to attach his name to the charge. If counties in question did an audit similar to Antrim County, I doubt citizens would travel to Washington, DC to protest.

Sires and Pascrell were silent when their colleague Rep. Jerry Nadler called Antifa a myth and V.P. Biden said it was an idea while day after day we saw cities burning down. In fact, once Minneapolis started to clear up the debris from burned down buildings, they discovered a body, someone who was apparently trapped in the fire. Where is the outrage from the media and elected officials? They were also silent when Senator Rand Paul and his wife were attacked by Antifa.

But part of this must be shared with the media, CNN reporter, Chris Cuomo said, “’Show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.” You cannot be blasé about rioting and burning during the summer and condemn it after the election.

I still remember former President Carter going overseas to monitor an emerging democracy with their first election. Now the US is in need of that, we need independent people to make sure our elections are fair. I have personally witnessed fraud twice when I voted in District E6 in Jersey City in the old School 3. After all, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she want to make mail-in ballots a permanent feature of elections.

Yvonne Balcer

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