Secaucus resident searching for living kidney donor

Nancy Talty has stage 5 kidney failure

Nancy and Bernie Talty
Nancy and Bernie Talty

“I need your help,” Secaucus resident Bernie Talty wrote in a letter shared by the town.

In an interview with the Hudson Reporter, Bernie described his wife Nancy’s urgent need for a new kidney.

Looking for live donors

“You see, my wife Nancy, who is everything to me and mother of two great sons and grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren who are her world, is in stage 5 kidney failure,” Bernie said.

Nancy received a kidney transplant more than 50 years ago from her identical twin sister Mary Ann in February of 1969, Bernie told the Hudson Reporter. But that kidney has since run its course, and she is in need of another transplant.

The Transplant Team at Saint Barnabas in Livingston explained that the ideal treatment for her is a living donor.

Receiving a living donor kidney would mean a greater chance of the kidney working immediately, lasting twice as long as a deceased donor kidney, and offering an improved quality of life, Bernie said.

“I am praying and hoping that my sweetheart will find a living donor and avoid dialysis,” Bernie said.

Due to kidney disease on both sides of her family, Nancy’s sons cannot donate, nor can Bernie because of underlying health conditions, he said.

A live kidney donor would also mean Nancy would avoid years of waiting for a deceased donor kidney. Bernie said that there are more than 100,000 people on the waiting list for a kidney. Each year only about 11,000 get a kidney from someone who has died and donated their organs, he said.

Bernie said she’s 72, and the waiting list for deceased donors is around five to seven years, so the need for a living donor is urgent.

For more information about living donation at Saint Barnabas, complete a referral form at or go to the living donor institute webpage at speak to a Registered Nurse before completing any form, call 973-322-2634 and ask to speak to a living donor coordinator about living donation.

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