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The importance of standing up for Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning


Dear Editor:

“If war can be started by lies, then peace can be started by truth” — Julian Assange.

I am reaching out to the community to put focus on the importance of Julian Assange’s release. Freedom of journalists to report the truth is at stake. Journalism matters.

First, reaching out to our new president to pardon Julian Assange is something each and everyone of us can do. It is a way we can speak to the importance of fighting for, as I see it, a country we can be proud of and feel safer in.

Secondly, to reach out to individuals who qualify to nominate Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning for a Nobel Peace Prize.

People who can nominate must fit into certain category, eg. University Professors, Members of Parliament, Members of Government, Current Heads of State, Directors of Peace Institutes. “If you don’t fit the criteria, reach out to someone you know who does and ask them if they are willing to do it, go ahead and make it easier for them and draft it up for them.

Both Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning exposed repulsive governments’ illegal actions that caused the death of innocent civilians in spite of the grave danger and personal suffering that resulted for them both. Both of these individuals revealed the truth that the powerful people they exposed wished to conceal. In my view both of these individual are international treasures. Their commitment to the truth and is precious but rare is deserving of being cherished by us all.

Brenda Luchetti


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