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City council withdraws ordinance for DaNoi redevelopment plan

Second Ward Councilman Sal Gullace voiced concern

The DaNoi restaurant at 1105 Avenue C may be redeveloped into residential units.

The Bayonne City Council has withdrawn an ordinance that would approve the redevelopment plan for the DaNoi restaurant and surrounding properties.

The move came at the Jan. 20 city council meeting at the request of Second Ward Councilman Sal Gullace. He said he had planning issues with the commercial space and wanted to wait to introduce the ordinance.

The rest of the council agreed.

DaNoi Redevelopment Plan

In July, the city council designated the properties at 1099-1105 Avenue C and 66-68 West 54th Street as non-condemnation areas in need of redevelopment. The properties include Irv’s Wines and Liquors at 1099 Avenue C, a one-story residential building at 1101 Avenue C, DaNoi restaurant at 1105 Avenue C, and two residential homes at 66 and 68 West 54th Street.

The redevelopment plan was approved by the planning board in December.

The plan allows for the construction of a building up to six stories at the corner of Avenue C and West 54th Street. It also calls for a penthouse, which must be less than 40 percent of the floor space of the top floor. The other 60 percent must be a green roof.

A total of 48 units can be constructed in the area. No more than 10 percent of the units can be studios, and no more than 70 percent can have the same number of bedrooms.

All units must have one exterior window as a source of natural light. A minimum of 60 percent of the units will have private balconies that do not count as open space.

Losing on-street parking?

The designation as residential-only raised concern from some commissioners about parking spots. Two metered spots were going to be lost on Avenue C under the plan with the loss of the commercial space that is the DaNoi restaurant.

To prevent the loss of already scarce parking spaces, the planning board added commercial space as a permitted use on the ground floor. If a developer were to propose a building with commercial space on the first floor, the parking spots would stay.

A developer does not have to include commercial space on the first floor. But if the developer chooses to do so, they now do not need additional approvals from the board.

The redevelopment plan was approved by the planning board with the amendment to include first-floor commercial space as a permitted use.

Though the plan was sent to the council for approval, it will be put on hold for now, pending further inquiry by Gullace and the rest of the council.

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