DPW Director talks trash

Warns residents to put their garbage out neatly, on the correct days

Currently, Bayonne is in an emergency contract with A + L Disposal LLC for garbage collection, and Joseph Smentkowski Inc. for recycling collection, pending new bids for the contracts.

At the Jan. 20, city council meeting, Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski said a number of residents have been calling the city asking about garbage and recycling removal dates, how garbage should be put out, and what’s acceptable to put out.

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Switching haulers 

Department of Public Works Director Thomas Cotter thanked residents for their patience as the city switches from one garbage hauler to another.

“Anytime we switch haulers, they have to learn a new route,” Cotter said. “Garbage gets missed, recyclables get mixed, and it’s wrong.” 

Cotter said that the day of the council meeting, the DPW “got a lower amount of calls as far as what was missed. So it looks like everything is improving, and you know, we got over the hump, so everything should be going well.” 

New zones 

Previously, the DPW would pick up trash from the entire city twice a week. Cotter said that it was cumbersome to monitor garbage being picked up nearly everyday. 

“By going to zones, it’s a smaller area for us to make sure the garbage gets picked up, and its also keeping the trucks off the street,” Cotter said. 

Trash is still being picked up twice a week, but with different days dedicated to different zones, shortening the time it takes for garbage collection. Drivers are now finishing their routes in about six hours instead of 12.

“We don’t want garbage on our streets for 12 hours,” Cotter said. “The goal was to put the garbage out at night, have it picked up first thing in the morning, and we never have to see a garbage truck. Then a sweeper comes by and cleans up the rest of the mess.” 

New schedule 

Collection for Zone 1, which  stretches from 1st Street to 16th Street, including Tremblay Court and Country Village Court, takes place on Mondays and Thursdays.

Collection for Zone 2, which extends from 16th Street to 30th Street, including Prospect Avenue up to 32nd Street, Avenue F, and Harbor Pointe, takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Collection for Zone 3, which reaches from 30th Street to 63rd Street, takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Collection starts at 5 a.m., but garbage cans cannot be put out before 5 p.m. 

According to Cotter, the city has stopped issuing summonses for people who put their garbage out improperly or on the wrong days. But that grace period may come to an end this month.  


Recycling pickups haven’t changed. Cotter said some residents must now put out their recycling and their garbage on the same night, but that isn’t a problem.

The DPW asks that residents put recyclables out at night in a “nice fashion,” into blue or clear recycling bags.

“This way, we’re not worried about cans blowing over, and all your recyclables blowing into your neighbor’s driveway,” Cotter said. 

Recycling bags can be bought in stores or online. Cans should have lids. Call 201-858-6099 for stickers.  

Cardboard needs to be tied and bundled. Pizza boxes and styrofoam must go in the garbage.

For more information, call 201-858-6121 or 201-858-6070. 

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