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Addressing pedestrian safety and wheelchair accessibility

A local activist called for more crosswalk signage and wheelchair ramps

The intersection of 49th Street and Avenue C, via Google Maps.

Edward “Lefty” Grimes, a Bayonne native and local activist for wheelchair accessibility and traffic safety, has once again been at the forefront of making Bayonne’s crosswalks safer for pedestrians.

At the city council’s January 20 meeting, Grimes thanked the Department of Public Works (DPW) for the crosswalk at 22nd Street which now has a solar-powered pedestrian crossing sign. Grimes said it was “amazing.”

Grimes then inquired about when a similar sign could be installed at the intersection of 49th Street and Avenue C. He previously lobbied the council to address safety issues at what can be called the “most dangerous” intersection in Bayonne.

According to Grimes, the signage is poor at the intersection, and the crosswalk paint was faded, making it hard for pedestrians to safely cross the street. Since then, the crosswalk has been repainted.

More signage and accessibility

At the meeting, Grimes again brought up signage at the intersection, noting there’s one sign but two crosswalks.

According to Grimes, the sign moved from one crosswalk to the other after someone hit the sign with his or her car. Grimes requested that the city council install a second sign.

“It’s very unsafe, and I think it would make it a lot safer to have two signs there because motorists are not aware that there’s a sign there,” Grimes said.

City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski said the council would look into it, and she didn’t envision a problem. “That would be for the Traffic Department, and our DPW puts it out there,” she said. “But the Police Traffic Department would determine that.”

Grimes also inquired if a wheelchair ramp could be installed at a local business being renovated. The building only has one step and is not wheelchair accessible, he said.

Additionally, Grimes asked if the city could pass an ordinance requiring buildings with only one step to be wheelchair accessible. The council did not respond.

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