Where’s The Vaccine

Dear Editor:

The latest statistics show that 13.2% of Bayonne residents are 65 years of age or older. My question to Mayor Davis is why is it taking so long for seniors to receive their vaccines? I would like to think that the oldest seniors are at the top of the list. I submitted a request for my wife to be vaccinated on January 10. She is 77. I am hoping that she would get her vaccine before anyone younger than her. As of this date she has not heard back except for an email acknowledging receipt of her request. There has been very little, if any updates on this issue except “to be patient”. It would be appreciated if there would be a little more transparency in exactly how the doses are being distributed. I am 78 and didn’t want to wait. I contacted the VA, received an appointment, and received my first dose recently. Everything was handled seamlessly and professionally and the whole procedure was completed in 40 minutes. Why can’t the city of Bayonne be as responsive to the needs of it’s seniors?

Ronald Jankowski