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Dollhaus II to host new exhibit by Paul Andress

The solo exhibition will run from March 12 until April 11

Artwork by Paul Andress, courtesy of Dollhaus.

The Dollhaus II art gallery will soon launch an new solo exhibit by artist Paul Andress.

With more than 50 works, mainly paintings and drawings, Andress’s work will be on display from March 12, running until April 11. His sculpture, a huge creature named Thurston is displayed in the gallery’s windows.

According to Dolhaus, Andress is an exciting energetic artist with powerful imagery. His works consist mainly of paintings on canvas, some with collage and drawings mashed up with magazines and text. His works are dark and have a messy yet precise quality.

“I throw a lot of paint and material onto the canvas, paint over half of it, throw more paint on it, then I start fine tuning and adding smaller detail in the end,” Andress said. “Then sometimes I destroy it again and paint over it”.

Dollhaus said in a press release, “Andress is our kind of outsider artist.”

‘Raw and dirty’

Andress is a Jersey artist, born and bred. His influences are artists like Baquiat, Guston, Chagal, Pollock, and a wide array of street artists like Bast, Futura and Fefe Talavera. His more recent works are reminiscent of Dietmar Busse, Dollhaus said.

He grew up in Jersey punk bands and an alternative fanzine-comic-flyer heavy metal subculture. The language of punk and artistic aggressiveness show up in his art.

Andress describes himself as a “dirty” artist, whether creating portraits ot landscapes.

“I am just trying to connect with people through the energy of my artwork,” Andress said. “I am not trying to make sense or tell people what to think. I am trying to have people open their imaginations and recognize feelings and experiences we all have in common.”

Andress creates mutated characters, cartoony monsters and beings, and the discombobulated, industrial landscapes of a Jersey painter who’s grown up with the hardcore music and street art of New York City and the suburbs.

The Dollhaus II is at 23 Cottage Street, open Thursday through Sunday from 1 to 8 p.m. For more information, visit www.xdollhausx.com or call 201-360-0894.

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