2021 is a Year for Change in Jersey City

Dear Editor:

This year, 2021, is a time for – and of – great change for Jersey City.

In approximately 8 months, the people of Jersey City will be given an opportunity to elect an administration that will guide our city for the next four years.

Without doubt, we truly need civic-minded elected officials in City Hall that will unite all the people of this great city.

Jersey City needs a mayor and a city council that will focus their combined energies on administering to the needs of the municipality, that will represent all the people from every ward in this city, and that will lead our city to the highest pinnacle of prominence, achievement, and success possible.

Our mayor and city council need to be this city’s most devoted cheerleaders and staunchest advocates. They need to be our “champions.”

Regrettably, throughout the years, Jersey City has been the source – the hapless victim – of derision, scorn, ridicule, and embarrassment. We need a mayor and a city council that will allow the citizens of this city to hold their heads up high with pride and unparalleled distinction.

Basically, we need a mayor and a city council that will make us proud to be citizens of Jersey City.

John Di Genio