Filling Potholes


Potholes are a constant problem that Bayonne and all American cities have to address.  Potholes develop each year as a result of the stresses that changing weather causes in street surfaces.  We have definitely experienced significant changes in temperature in 2021. So far this year, Bayonne has experienced both severe snowstorms and warmer weather.

Earlier in my Administration, I directed the Department of Public Works to dedicate workers to address the citywide problem of potholes.  DPW workers drive around and look for potholes.  However, it is physically impossible for them to see every pothole in Bayonne.  They fill the potholes that they see, and they need everyone else’s help to find the rest of them.

The Bayonne Department of Public Works (DPW) and I encourage residents and business owners to report potholes to the DPW.  Residents can call the potholes in to the Department of Public Works at 201-858-6070. That phone number accepts voicemail after hours, so please leave a message. Potholes may also be reported via e-mail at  Messages should contain a specific location for each pothole reported.  Just saying “8th Street,” for example, is not enough, because that is a long street.  Providing an address would be really helpful to our workers to find the pothole and fill it.  All potholes reported by the public will be addressed within 48 hours, weather permitting.  If something is reported on a Friday or over a weekend, it will probably have to be addressed after the weekend.  Please understand that potholes cannot be filled when it is raining, because the repair will simply not stick.

Sometimes the DPW finds numerous potholes in a concentrated area.  In those situations, it makes sense to close the street for a while, in order to fill the potholes.  Patching just one or two potholes would not be enough.

We recognize that addressing potholes takes a constant effort.  They can happen again in the same locations where they occurred previously.  Even if a pothole reoccurs, we are willing to go back and refill it.  There is no need to hesitate about reporting a pothole that has popped up where another one existed before.

As of last week, the Department of Public Works had filled over 1,000 potholes so far in 2021.  With your help, will continue to locate and fill potholes all across Bayonne.