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See a pothole? Say something

North Bergen's DPW is out in force after a harsh winter

North Bergen DPW workers repair a pothole. Photo by Art Schwartz.

In the wake of this winter’s serial snowstorms and challenging weather, the North Bergen Department of Public Works is repairing potholes every day. Two crews fill potholes based on feedback from residents who contacted the Pothole Repair Hotline.

“As the weather begins to warm up, we are doing a full mobilization of our DPW to clean up our roads,” said Mayor Nicholas Sacco. “This winter was pretty harsh, and the accumulation of snow, salt, and debris certainly took its toll on our roads. This massive cleanup effort will leave North Bergen roads pristine, as we’ve grown accustomed to seeing them.”

To add a street to the list, call 201-330-7263. Leave a message with their name, phone number, and the location of the pothole.

All reported potholes are tracked and prioritized based on size and location, according to the township. Larger potholes on main roads receive priority, but all reported potholes will be filled. Potholes on state and county roads will be reported to the appropriate agency.

Clean sweep

Earlier in the month, the township launched cleanup efforts. Street sweeping was temporarily suspended as a result of the snowstorms that led to trash and debris piling up on streets and sidewalks.

Street sweeping has since resumed. Four sweeper crews with blowers, four broom-and-bucket crews, and two pothole crews that transition to cleanup at the end of the day have been deployed.

For more information, call 201-392-2071.

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