How to Create Vaccine Skepticism

Dear Editor:

Wanna know how to add more fuel to the skeptical fire in this vaccine campaign? Do as 17 European countries did and follow panic over science.

After an Austrian man diagnosed with multiple thrombosis died ten days after receiving the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, Europe went from a single suspension of one batch in Austria into a domino effect of misinformation with the suspension of its use beginning in the Nordic countries and spreading south totaling into almost twenty states.

Now, of course, we should always make sure that what we jab into our arms is safe. We should all strive to protect our populations, especially when pushing to vaccinate everyone so quickly. However, this is not an instance of great continental precaution but unscientific mass hysteria from European governments.

Both the European Medical Association (EMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) were very quick to point out that the vaccine Oxford/AstraZeneca is “safe and effective” and that “no evidence” was associated with these blood clots. To put all of this in perspective, there have been only 37 reported cases of blood clots out of 17 million people vaccinated in Britain and the EU.

Though at the very least Britain has delivered 31 doses per 100 people so far, the EU bloc has only delivered 7, which begs the question, why in the world would oh so intelligent politicians do such an unwise and misinformed move? Well, they do politics, right? Well, unwise politics is the poison of facts, and the EU has only exacerbated the anger and skepticism regarding their handling of the pandemic and the vaccine distribution.

Luckily (though one should not feel so relaxed), the US has delivered 23 doses per 100. However, the surely exponential rise in skepticism from Europe is sure to spread here, where 3 in 10 Americans say they will not take the vaccine, all because the EU may have a grudge with Britain leaving the union and its contract with AstraZeneca, which requires it to fulfill its commitment of supplying the UK with 100 million vaccines before exporting outside the country (man, you didn’t think European politics was as petty as ours? Think again).

Internationally cooperation is practically nonexistent in this pandemic, and if this is, in fact, a domino effect out of capitalist spite, then it is only another frustrating layer to an international crisis that never seems to be managed appropriately for the working people of the world, and only buttressed by misinformation coming from the bottom and the top. The world’s politicians react in the same way your grandmother does when she reposts something on Facebook already shared by thousands regarding microchips in the vaccines (who is it coming from now? Gates? Bezos? Musk?).

Well, kudos to AstraZeneca and all other pharma companies raking in all the profits from mismanagement, misinformation, and misery. Someone at the top is always doing well during deranged eras of horror.

Gabriel Clément