Hoboken mayor signs wage ordinance for building service workers

Mayor Ravi Bhalla has signed an ordinance into law establishing standard wages with benefits for all building service workers, such as janitors, concierges, security, and more at all developments receiving city subsidies.

The ordinance also requires the use of competitive contracting for subcontracted building services and mandates minimum hourly rates of pay and benefits.

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“Our hardworking middle-class workers deserve to earn living wages to be able to support their families and put food on the table,” said Mayor Ravi Bhalla. “That’s a basic human right and to earn anything less than that will not be acceptable here in Hoboken. I’m proud to stand with the hard working men and women with 32BJ to enact this important standard wage ordinance, and I’m hopeful other cities will soon follow suit.”

The ordinance requires employers that are benefiting from city resources like tax abatements to pay standard wages, provide health benefits, and offer paid time off.

“We commend the City of Hoboken for taking the important [step] and approving this ordinance,” said Kevin Brown, director and vice-president of Service Employees International Union 32BJ-New Jersey. “Adopting a standard wage for building service workers in city-supported development or business will guarantee a direct benefit to workers. This will serve to not only bolster a healthy and thriving real estate market but will have long-lasting positive effects on the lives of all janitors, security, porters, concierges, and handy persons working in commercial and residential sites in Hoboken. We urge other cities to follow suit.”