Democrats are turning into Socialists

Dear Editor:

The two proposed bills – For the People Act which changes voting and the Equity Act are two very disturbing bills. The Democrats who are pushing the For the People Act as well as condemn Georgia for requiring voting ID have said black people do not have ID. Really? So that means black people do not have cars, apartments, own homes, bank accounts, jobs, bury loved one, or attend school because every one of those activities require ID. If you are a Hudson County resident, you need ID to enter county buildings. So, either Democrats are lying or they believe black people are inept in securing ID on their own.

The Equity Act allows trans people especially men who think they are females into females’ sports where they will all the time. In fact, a transwoman cracked the skull of a martial arts female fighter. Men are stronger than women even if they take hormone therapy. Their internal organs/muscles are larger as well as their bones.

But this act also goes after people of faith, either Christians will choose between calling Jesus a liar on marriage when he said, β€œβ€¦a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife and the two will be one flesh,” or obey the dictates of the state. In Biblical terms, it will be Maccabees moment when the ruler had a Jewish mother and her seven sons choose between life under him by eating pork or death by obeying her God. This bill is similar to California’s proposed bill AB 655 that removes Christians from the police force for being orthodox believers. If you actually believe in what God said on sexual matters then it is β€œhate speech,” so much for diversity and tolerance by Democrats.

What I find disturbing is how the Democrats have turned into socialists, after all the first thing Fidel Castro did when he got into power was to shut down the churches and stop another political party. I see the control of the elections as an one-party system with For the People Act and the curtail of religion with the Equity Act.

Yvonne Balcer