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Wrap mattresses for curbside pickup!

Haulers will not pick up unwrapped mattresses

Wrap mattresses or they won't get picked up by the DPW.

Bayonne Mayor James Davis has advised residents to wrap mattresses
that they want to be picked up by sanitation crews. They can be wrapped in plastic or mattress covers.

“Due to current health concerns, the mattresses must be wrapped for the protection of the sanitation workers,” Davis said. Sanitation workers have bypassed unwrapped mattresses.

“If you put your mattress out and you don’t want it laying in the street, please wrap it,” DPW Director Tom Cotter said. The DPW picked up unwrapped mattresses for a few weeks back in January but has since stopped.

Cotter clarified that box springs do not have to be wrapped in plastic.

The Bayonne Department of Public Works (DPW) estimates that residents dispose of five to twelve mattresses per week. City officials want to make sure that mattresses are wrapped so they will be picked up and not become eyesores on local streets.

Trash collection issues

Since January, the city has been facing trash and recycling collection issues after switching haulers. The city is currently under two emergency contracts with A + L Disposal LLC for trash collection, and Joseph Smentkowski Inc. for recycling collection, pending new bids for the contracts.

Residents have reported problems with trash and recycling collection, mostly missed pickups. At the January city council meeting, City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski said the city is working on it.

At the same meeting, DPW Director Cotter said the new haulers were still learning the routes. The city switched from collecting trash from the entire city daily to collecting trash from different zones each day. Cotter also first mentioned the issue of unwrapped mattresses.

In February, the council faced similar complaints about trash and recycling collection as the city was still adapting to the new service. Cotter said that service was continuing to improve since January.

Cotter reiterated at the February meeting the need to wrap mattresses, properly break down cardboard and make recyclables distinct to ensure there are no missed pickups.

If garbage or recycling is missed during a collection, residents can call 201-858-6099. The contractor will pick up the missed garbage or recycling by the end of the day or the next morning.

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