The Collateral Damage of Isolation is Also a Pandemic

Dr. Marco Ferrucci
Dr. Marco Ferrucci

(This guest column is by Dr. Marco Ferrucci, a Chiropractor and co-founder of both The Chiropractic Source (est. 2009) and Regenerate SoftWave Therapy (est. 2020), with offices located in Cedar Grove and Hoboken, New Jersey.  Dr. Ferrucci is a professor at WPU and an  author)

I’ve spent the last decade of my life assisting patients on how to be the healthiest and most vibrant they can be. The Covid-19 Pandemic has not stopped my vital work.

Over the past year, I’ve witnessed something troubling, as our patients isolated in their homes to avoid their doctors’ offices. Health check-ups, mammograms, wellness visits, and much more have been canceled from their schedules and lives.

I am noticing a very troubling new pandemic infecting millions, born out of this isolation.

Maintaining a safe social distance and wearing a mask is wise. I get that. But millions of Americans have now been sitting at home, inactive suffering from chronic pain and missing out on their potentially life-saving wellness visits.

Instead of living in a bubble in solitude, people need to wear their masks and continue seeing their primary care physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedics and other medical specialists.

Here’s why: ignoring your body for any long period of time ties into degeneration.

For a vibrant, healthy life, we all need to do precisely the opposite. We need to be regenerating rather than degenerating.

As a long-time Doctor of Chiropractic, I treat the body holistically. Over the past year, we have pioneered a new drug-free, surgery-free treatment that targets inflammation and detects and regenerates soft tissue injury at the deepest levels. We have had the opportunity to help many people who have been suffering from chronic pain. This technology is called SoftWave Therapy.

We’ve helped patients suffering with chronic pain and discomfort due to daily wear and tear of our joints. Individuals forced into inactivity due to pandemic restrictions. Athletes with chronic pain due to injury. We’ve even been helping patients heal quicker after recovering from various surgeries.

Because of the extreme isolation and fear impacting Americans due to the pandemic, new FDA-cleared treatments are being missed by the millions of chronically ill people suffering every day. People in pain do not have to suffer needlessly, and can see their physicals and specialists safely.

For example, just this week we had a 90-year old woman walk into our office with a walker and after just one treatment, on each of her knees, we had her walking, on her own, around our office, without her walker.Some would call that a miracle. I call it a clinical expectation.

I can go on and on about our experiences with our patients but the moral of the story is the pandemic restrictions, although important to follow, have created other collateral issues.

As a doctor that thinks with a holistic mindset and wants all people to live and function at their best, I believe we not only have to follow guidelines, but more importantly maintain good health and wellness practices.

Care for your spine and nervous system, use immune boosting foods and supplements, maintain a healthy active lifestyle and care for yourself as if your life depended on it, because it does!

I urge all New Jersey residents to take action, and visit your doctors, including your chiropractors, such as myself, or other health/wellness medical practitioners.

It’s time to be vigilant in our approach to our health and wellness. Wear a mask, call your specialist, and start regenerating your body and your life!