Helping Families get Something to Eat

One of the great things about our community is the generosity of our residents to people in need.  I learned recently about a program to feed the hungry that is sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) board.  I heard about the program from Board of Education Trustee Chris Munoz. The board of the PTO group noticed that more and more families were in need of help.

Before the Coronavirus shutdown took place in 2020, the Woodrow Wilson PTO board started a food bank that accepted food and money with which it could buy groceries.  The PTO board created what they call a share basket at the school.  The share basket was filled with snacks that were paid for with private funds.  Kids looked for the basket each day. The PTO board also packed food bags for weekends, so that the kids could bring home food for Saturdays and Sundays.  The idea behind the system was to provide food in such a way that nobody would go without or be embarrassed.

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Next month, the public schools will be back with in-person instruction.  Due to the negative effect of the Coronavirus on the economy, the PTO board expects more requests for food assistance after the schools re-open.  They can drop off food with no questions asked.  Portions of the food have come recently from local restaurants, with some being donated and other food being purchased.  Restaurants have worked with the PTO board to provide food that feeds a family while staying within the organization’s budget.

Recently, the Woodrow Wilson School PTO board held a successful fundraising drive that raised $600 in 24 hours.  This will help fill the share basket with food as the school gets ready to re-open next month.

We know that there are still people who are having a tough time putting food on the table.  The Woodrow Wilson School PTO board must be thanked and recognized for developing a variety of ways to feed needy children and families in Bayonne.  I would also like to thank Woodrow Wilson School Principal Maureen Hurley Brown, Superintendent of Schools John Niesz, the Bayonne Board of Education Trustees, and everyone else in the school system who has helped the food program of the Woodrow Wilson School PTO board.  It is also important to thank the restaurants, the private donors, and everyone else in the community who has helped make the PTO board’s food program a success.

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