Save the Palisade Cliffs

Apartments IFO Palisades Cliffs in North Bergen
Apartments IFO Palisades Cliffs in North Bergen

Dear Editor:

Senator Nick Sacco is proposing legislation to limit the height of new construction in Hudson County, BUT…his good intention of preserving peoples’ incredible NYC skyline view is marred by a developer’s proposal to destroy another incredible view, that of perhaps the most iconic symbol of NJ, the Palisades Cliffs.

A 13-story building is being proposed on River Rd., on the property line of Braddock Park’s Bird Sanctuary and Riverview Park.

The sheer height of this building and the resulting busyness and noise that will be produced by it are a threat to these park lands and all that dwells within them. People come from miles around to enjoy watching the red-tailed hawks, other birds and animals, the flora and landscape, which will all be disrupted by the proposed huge building.

Please take immediate action to stop this bad plan…

Send an email to the following North Bergen Zoning Board members before this coming Tuesday, April 27, saying you are opposed to the 7711-7815 River Road building application:

Join the Zoom Meeting on Thursday, April 29th 2021, 6:00 pm:

Or, dial: 929-205-6099 Meeting ID: 813 9384 9858 Passcode: 726740

Robert Walden