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City eyes developing warehouse site

80-84 East 25th Street is a dilapidated structure

A redevelopment plan has not yet been drawn up, but the site has been approved for residential units in the past.

The Bayonne Planning Board has designated 80-84 East 25th Street as a non-condemnation area in need of redevelopment. Prior to the vote, the study was presented to the board by City Planner Mika Apte at its April meeting.

The property is a vacant warehouse between Ave. F and Prospect Ave.

“This is an already developed property with 100 percent coverage of a one-story commercial warehouse building,” Apte said. “The property is surrounded by a mix of residential uses such as single-family duplexes and townhouses, with some sprinkled in commercial-slash- residential mixed-use developments.”

The site

The site is in the R-2 residential zone, which permits land uses, including single-family and multi-family dwellings and some essential services. Apte added that the site is part of the Transit Development Overlay (TDO) district that permits townhouses, apartments, and other similar dwellings.

Apte said the 24-foot brick structure is deteriorating. The front windows are boarded up, and the windows on both sides contained cinder blocks.

According to Apte, there was a “piecemeal” addition. The center of the building was reconstructed. She said “it does not necessarily comply with or create a cohesive façade.”

Between 2018 and 2019, officials noted there were several complaints, focusing on trucks and tractor trailers double parked in front of the property, blocking the street. 

History of inaction

According to Apte, the warehouse started as a limousine storage facility in 1994. In 2009, the city council and planning board approved an application by a developer that would have turned the site into a 10-unit multi-family development.

But it was never built, and the property sat vacant for years.

In 2019, an application was filed with the zoning board to use the property as a carpet installation warehouse. That application was withdrawn, Apte said.

In 2020, an application was filed with the zoning board seeking a warehouse but was denied by the board due to a lack of parking for loading and unloading. Apte said the board determined that a warehouse would adversely affect the neighborhood. 

Boxes checked

Overall, Apte said the property meets two criteria to be designated a non-condemnation area in need of redevelopment, per the study.

According to Apte, the site meets two criteria because it is an abandoned commercial building and has an obsolete layout and design. Apte said the property is a vacant commercial building in a state of disrepair, with 100 percent lot coverage and is inconsistent with modern land-use planning standards.

The board voted unanimously to designate the property as a non-condemnation area in need of redevelopment. It now heads back to the city council for further approval. The council will likely vote yes at its May 12 meeting, directing the planning board to draw up a redevelopment plan.

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