Mayor Jimmy Davis is not a Man of his Word

Dear Editor:

Mayor Jimmy Davis is not a man of his word.
Previous to the last election, Mayor Davis met with the neighborhood at Morris Park in Bayonne and declared to a park full of witnesses, “I give you my word, I give you my word, I give you my word..” that he would not put his signature to any plan for Morris Park until the neighborhood and its residents were given “a seat at the table.” No one asked him to make such a promise and no one asked him to go so far as to give his word. He did that of his own volition. We asked for meaningful input into the park plan and we asked that all the trees not be removed. The park plan, as it stood then, was the developer’s plan for the park seemingly meant to enhance his controversial development at the Resnick’s site and it involved killing all the trees in the park. The neighborhood objected. Mayor Davis gave his word.
Now that the election is far behind us, so is the Mayor’s word. The plan for the park is still the same developer’s plan and the park is now being torn down in order to realize the developer’s vision. The neighborhood residents were cut out of the process, as are all residents of Bayonne regarding the city parks in their neighborhoods. Mayor Jimmy Davis and his council are systematically removing the trees from all the city’s Green Acres parks.
Consider this when Mayor Davis makes promises during the next campaign. Consider also that a developer has unlimited say and control over public land and the residents have none.
If you care about having trees or shade in parks, if you care about the climate crisis and the rising heat in the city, if you care about residents having meaningful input in their city or if you simply care about your mayor actually representing you and keeping his word once he has given it, vote this administration out in the next election.

Jill Pustorino
Morris Park Neighborhood Association