A Successful Earth Day Cleanup

On Saturday, April 24, Bayonne held a successful Earth Day cleanup around the community.  Organizations, businesses, schools, and neighbors were invited to participate. More than thirty teams of four to 10 people each removed litter from commercial areas, residential neighborhoods, parks, and other places in Bayonne. A group of City of Bayonne employees cleaned up part of our Broadway commercial district. Other people took part on an individual basis by cleaning up around their own property.  On behalf of the City of Bayonne, I would like to thank everyone who took part.  We owe special thanks to the Hackensack Riverkeeper organization for their support.  We would like to thank the State of New Jersey’s Clean Communities Program for its financial assistance.  We would like to recognize and thank the Public Works employees who picked up the garbage bags that volunteers filled during the day of activity. Finally, we would like to thank Dee Dee Bottino of the Bayonne Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) for organizing the 2021 cleanup.

The Earth Day cleanup was the first major outdoor occasion for many residents since the pandemic started.  It was good to see so many people out again doing something good for our community.  The Earth Day clean-up is always useful for a very practical reason.  It gives people the opportunity to remove litter that accumulates over the winter.  Sometimes during the winter, litter gets locked in beneath the ice and snow.  Unfortunately, it stays sometimes after the ice and snow have melted.  The Earth Day cleanup gives people the impetus to remove debris that has overstayed the days of winter.

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We hope that the clean-up will inspire people to keep their neighborhoods clean throughout the year.  If everyone took five minutes to pick up litter around their property twice a week, that would be a big step forward.  I would like to commend the various civic groups that do park clean-ups and waterfront clean-ups throughout the year.

The New Jersey Clean Communities Program has helped the City of Bayonne with clean-ups for many years.  The Clean Communities Program was created in 1986.  It is funded by taxes on litter-generating products.  All of New Jersey’s counties and most of its municipalities are eligible for Clean Communities funding. We look forward to working with the Clean Communities Program for years to come.

Thanks again to everyone who made the Earth Day clean-up a great success.


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