Addio, Maestro

Dear Editor:

On May 18, 2021, the world bid a fond farewell to Franco Battiato, singer-songwriter, composer, filmmaker, poet, philosopher, and artist; indeed, a true Renaissance Man. Franco Battiato’s songs focused on very esoteric, philosophical, and religious themes, and have spanned genres such as experimental music, progressive rock, electronic music, and new wave.

For the last five decades, Franco Battiato was one of the most popular singer-songwriters in Italy. His rich, unique sound; hauntingly complex lyrics, and “song-crafting,” which contain extremely deep meaning and culturally exotic references, earned him a special spot on Italy’s music scene, as well as his nickname, “Il Maestro.”

Franco Battiato has released over 40 albums during his illustrious career. His work includes songwriting and joint production efforts with several Italian and international musicians and pop singers, including the long-lasting professional relationship with Italian singer Carla Bissi, professionally known as Alice Visconti, or simply Alice. Together with Alice, Battiato represented Italy at the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “I treni di Tozeur”.

Franco Battiato gave the world outstanding music for half a century. Now, he has an opportunity to compose for the angels. Addio, Maestro. Andate con Dio!

John Di Genio