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The end of special parking spots in front of businesses

More than 100 spaces will return to normal

Parking spots in front of certain Bayonne businesses will soon return to normal.

Special parking spots for pickup and takeout at certain restaurants, pharmacies, and other businesses are no more. The change is one indication the city of Bayonne is beginning to see its way clear of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Bayonne Parking Utility announced that designated spaces for food and prescription pickups that had been created in front of restaurants and pharmacies last year will be gone, effective May 24. The spaces were created to sustain commerce when indoor dining was prohibited and retail was limited.

Last March, businesses could apply for a “No Parking” area to allow for easier pickup. The idea was to help with social distancing by allowing residents to pull up, grab their goods, and then pull away.

Safe shopping

The spots were briefly abandoned following the end of the stay-at-home order. The idea was resurrected in December amid the holiday shopping season to encourage residents to shop locally and safely.

At first, the signs were slated to stay up throughout the entire public health emergency. Then, it shifted to “until further notice.” Now the signs are gone, pending COVID-19 issues that would warrant the return of such spaces.

After May 24, parking meters will be in effect for spaces that had meters before the COVID-19 State of Emergency was declared last year. More than 100 parking spaces in front of restaurants and pharmacies will return to their normal status.

As more things reopen, the need for parking is as great as it’s ever been. With warmer weather and more residents getting vaccinated, more parking will be needed.

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