Beware of 5G !

Dear Editor:

Recently, I discovered that AT&T is planning to erect possibly thousands of poles around Bayonne to start a 5G network.

If unfamiliar with the technology behind 5G, it’s entirely different then 4G or 3G. 5G employs millimeter waves in addition to microwaves that’s currently used. These are the same millimeter waves that the US military built a weapon to use against an enemy. It can dis-orient, cause severe heating, and extreme discomfort when targeted at a human. It’s a technology that hundreds of scientists have written thousands of papers and letters on. Skin cancer, neurological and immune disorders, along with reproductive health are serious concerns of these scientists. Unlike 3G/4G, which uses satellites or bounces signals off the atmosphere, 5G requires line-of-sight antennas to complete their signal. If your home is in the background of one of these poles, then you’ll probably be exposed to these waves.

Less then 9 months ago, on July 30th, 2020 a landmark federal lawsuit was filed against the FCC for failing to re-evaluate 5G and wireless safety. It was filed by the Environmental Health Trust and the Childrens Health Defense for failure to protect human health and the environment by dismissing scientific evidence of harm from wireless radiation. AT&T will of course refer to the FCC’s guidance and say the towers are safe, but the problem is the FCC’s rules are 25 years old, at a time when even the thoughts of 5G technology didn’t exist.

As of Feb.5th, 2021 the US Court of Appeals of the DC Circuit was still hearing arguments in the case. However, after oral arguments were presented on Jan. 25th, 2021, one of the presiding judges, a chemical engineer by training, told the FCC, “I am inclined to rule against you.”

Another of the presiding judges, the honorable Judge Patricia Millet consistently pushed the FCC to answer why the FCC and/or the FDA didn’t review the evidence on non-cancer effects of wireless technology; why they addressed only cell phones when there is evidence on effects from various other devices and infrastructure; and why they didn’t address the cumulative effects from the chronic exposure for numerous devices.

At the last city council meeting, I asked the members to see if they could delay the rollout of 5G, until a more valid and up to date health study had been completed. The response was, they were powerless to do anything. Is it because the city will get money for each pole placed in the city, plus an annual amount from the phone company? Is the almighty dollar more important than the health of the city’s constituents? The city will say that a Federal law prohibits the city from stopping implementation. However, hundreds of cities around the US have implemented ordinances restricting 5G and the placing of poles and antennas close to residences and schools. Isn’t it time our elected officials start caring about the health of the people, rather then big business and their profits?

Would it take too much effort to investigate if it can be delayed? Or, don’t the council members just not care? Do you want your children exposed to these harmful waves? I suggest you start calling your council members and the mayor, and say no to 5G, until more accurate health studies have been completed, and prove that 5G is safe. If you don’t act now, then live with the consequences later.

David Falandys